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 Zodika and The Gargoyle Citadel, Cormyr
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Since 2008 I've played a Loviatan priestess on a nwn persistent rp world server. The experience has been wonderful and I've actually learned a lot about myself in the process of being someone else, on and off, for 10 years. I'll probably go on about her story eventually, but for now, I'm going to recall the story and timeline that developed the Gargoyle Citadel. It's the only Homebrew location I've intentionally added to my continent map with the hope that maybe someday someone will look it up and be inspired enough by it for them to include it in their story. Since it doesn't really step on many toes because the people and lore are in parts that aren't well detailed -like Valkur's Roar- it can be easy to include by anyone.

Gargoyle Citadel

Isle of Ashen Winds, Dragonmere, Cormyr

The Gargoyle Citadel was the ambitious plot of the Cormyrian high priestess of Loviatar, Zodika Alho’ohani. In 1377DR, Zodika lost an election for the Valkur’s Roar council position of High Priestess for the town. After the election, the town offered her the open council position of Lady of the City Interior. She initially accepted the offer, however, over the course of legalizing it, she came up with the idea of a new position. She approached Baron Azorus Crownsilver, Lord of Valkur’s Roar, with the idea of creating a new land fief from an island off the coast, in the far western Dragonmere. The Baron accepted her idea and Zodika stepped down from interim Lady of the City Interior.

In mid 1378DR, before Valkur’s Roar’s council could legally approve the fief and Zodika’s appointment to rightfully hold it, the town fell into protests against the recent appointments of many non-native persons to council positions. Zodika understood she fell into this category, being originally from Amn, despite calling Valkur’s Roar home and defending it for 5 years. Instead of waiting for the council to make a decision, Zodika -who had a massive fortune gathered from years of adventuring and a vast network of allies- went about gathering a small force consisting of mercenaries, laborers, and craftsmen to move onto the island with the intention of building and claiming it as her own sovereign city-state. While she did not ask the Baron or Cormyr for permission, Zodika was a very diplomatic speaker and made her case for ruling independently and why it benefited Valkur’s Roar. While the Baron may not have specifically approved, there was enough hesitation that she began the move and was not stopped.

Just over 10 miles off the coast, east of Valkur’s Roar, the small island was only a few miles long and about a mile wide. Aside from a break in the cliffs on the west side where a usable dock (which may support a large ship) stuck out from small beach, the rocky shore and high cliffs encompassed the entire coastline. Covering most of the island was a small ruined town. Nearly all of the buildings had been burned to ruin. Ash swirled through the air, like a light snowy day – something one would have first discovered before they even landed at the docks. On dry windy days the island has a haze and the ash starts appearing in the air and on the boat hundreds of yards off the coast. Though not at first obvious, the town ruins are inhabited by a tribe of kobolds called the Ash Eaters. The tribe is fiercely territorial and attacks anyone exploring through the town. The shaman are capable of many types of fire magics and a few of these kobolds can be a surprising match for less than experienced adventurers. Despite this, the tribe tends to leave alone those who keep to the far north and the coastal cliffs, out of the town itself. This might explain the reasoning for the unusually healthy condition of the massive fortress that takes up the northern portion of the island. A large, walkable stone wall -with a fortified gatehouse- divides the castle grounds from the rest of the island. The castle proper sits right upon the northernmost cliffs, looming high above the waves. For this reason, Zodika named the fortress 'The Gargoyle'. The walled fortress suffers nearly no damage, though it has obviously not been maintained for many years. The kobolds make no attempts to pass or even approach the walls unless giving chase of someone escaping their ruined town. How the kobolds came to arrive on the island is undocumented, though the town’s destruction came during the Rage of Dragons in 1373DR by an unspecified dragon, and the kobolds showed up sometime shortly after that. Why the fortress was spared the dragon’s wrath is not known either.

Hammer 1379DR: Having moved onto the island, Zodika’s force of hands went to work inside the walls of the fortress. Nothing could be seen from the outside and nobody manned the walls; only sounds of workers and construction was heard for nearly a month. On the last day of Hammer, a single banner depicting a raven clutching a crown in its talons in front of a stone tower is placed near the docks. No words accompany the crest.

Zodika names herself ‘Governess’ of the councils that rule the Gargoyle. There are three councils. The highest to lowest are the Advisors, the Directors, and the Primary Council. Details of the councils will follow later.

By Ches 1379DR: There is a large, noticeable presence on the island. There are still no consistent patrols or manned posts, but occasionally armed soldiers -uniformed in yellow and blue- are seen as they complete various tasks. A small guardhouse is constructed on the beach near the docks at the base of the path up the cliffs. The dock also undergoes repairs. Still no visitors are welcome within the walls of the fortress.

Early Tarsakh 1379DR: The old wooden dock is rebuilt as a sturdy stone and wood pier allowing consistent travel to the island to return to normal. Guards are posted at the pier. A ferry -sponsored and run by the Gargoyle- moves passengers between Valkur’s Roar and the island. Visitors are greeted to the Isle of Ashen Winds, governed by the Sovereignty of the Gargoyle through The Ravenwatch -the Gargoyle’s professional army-. Laws are posted and a warning issued to those arriving to return to where they came from if they are unwilling to accept them. Details of the laws will be posted later. Sentries are now always seen walking the Gargoyle's walls, and manning the gate. They do not patrol the rest of the island and will not leave the wall to the aid those under attack from the kobolds. Guests appear to be welcomed in if they are expected or escorted, but random visitors are turned away. Messages and letters will be received by the gate guards. The lively sound of day to day activities is apparent now. Rheyenthiel, Zodika’s astrally-summoned red dragon, can occasionally be seen patrolling the skies for short periods of time and will, at times, escort important ships through the area.

The third ride of Eleasis 1379DR sees a surge in ship activity around the island. Many large ships dock off the shores as guests arrive for the first Black Ball. The Black Ball Masquerade was a tribute event to dark and mysterious gods that are not commonly worshiped -at least not openly-. Specific entities included were Loviatar, Talos, Malar, Cyric, Talona, Gargauth, Beshaba, Umberlee, Velsharoon, and Asmodeus, though all were allowed to be respected. Only invited guests were allowed attendance and while identities were allowed to be concealed during the event, they must be removed enough to show one’s identity to the guards upon entry and checking of invitation. After the Ball, with the last guest departing, heavy construction begins just north of the current pier: a bridge extending out from the top of the cliff and a second pier, north of that. For nearly a year construction continues.

Eleint 1379DR: In her quarters within the Gargoyle, Zodika suffers a divine attack from her goddess as punishment for letting love cloud judgments she made. This was at least the third such attack she had suffered at the direct hands of her goddess -for different reasons-, though the trial will prove to be the greatest by far. After realizing her mistake and killing her lover, her goddess animated the body. While keeping Zodika alive and conscious, the animated body overwhelmed and beat the priestess.

“… with a step and pull, the dead man hurled the priestess through the shrine's doorway and tens of feet into the bedroom where she crashed into numerous pieces of furniture. In an instant, he was on top of her again where he raised a heavy loveseat and then brought it thundering down upon her, splintering it into pieces. No matter what action the priestess took the man set upon her pummeling her with fists, furniture or throwing her across the room with giants’ strength. No path of escape was left available, and for nearly ten minutes the priestess was overwhelmed, perpetually at the edge of consciousness, but never allowed to pass across it, a hidden force keeping her ever attentive to it all. Any attempts at spells failed as her concentration was easily smothered.

With the finale of her being crushed under a heap of destroyed furniture, laying in a pool of her own blood, the priestess was finally allowed to pass out. The only sound now came from the booming of guards and magic attempting to get through her doors.”

For 6 months the priestess would have no communication with her goddess. She lost all means for spells and all healing cast upon her left both her and the caster in pain. During the healing process, she turned to Asmodeus who she had a small relationship with. She was branded by his ruby rod allowing him to be able to scry her and making all scrying against her impossible. He helped ward her mind against the terrible nightmares Loviatar forced on her any time she fell unconscious. She takes on the persona “Xeness Llask” to avoid her enemies knowing her condition.

Mid Ches 1380DR: Having been forced to heal entirely through mundane and herbal means, Zodika can again carry her own weight and move around slowly. Her voice is soft and scratchy and she is covered in scars from the surgeries. Through her recovery, she meets a man who, despite her punishment and uncertainty regarding her faith, she ends up converting to Loviatar. Upon his first ceremony and prayers to the goddess, Zodika feels Loviatar come to him through her. This leads to Zodika’s recommunication with her goddess.

Kythorn 1380DR: A great red wyrm, named Ixamarunmaughzeraph, is seen flying through Cormyr. He comes and goes from the northeast. Over the course of the next tenday, Zodika meets him and invites him to use the island as his base of operations -the only stipulation from the Gargoyle is he leave and arrive from the east, away from Valkur’s Roar-. The dragon takes the form of a human male while visiting. Zodika spends the next few months helping him try to locate a silver dragon captive that was taken from him. Zodika publicly preaches about the cost of so many lives all for the safekeeping of a single life. She urges the Crown to condemn those helping the silver dragon for the sake of its people. Secretly, Zodika meets with the War Wizards for the same purpose. Despite the Crown’s inaction, the War Wizards agree and help search for the silver dragon.

Eleasis 1380DR: Bridge and pier construction finishes. The bridge extends out about 50 yards from the cliff top. It supports sets of stairs on each side that descend to the two large piers capable of supporting a large ship each on the outer sides and many small boats on the inner sides. The cliffside path is destroyed leaving the only way up as the two sets of stairs from the piers and a massive rope lift for heavy cargo. A gate and guardhouse sit where the bridge meets the cliffs. Here the laws are posted and visitors are welcomed or turned away. Everyone arriving is questioned as to their reasoning for coming. The Gargoyle begins offering bounties for slain kobolds in an attempt to clear the ruins, and visiting the island to explore the ruins becomes a valid reason for arriving. Others who arrive for no reason are encouraged to return to the mainland. Barricades clearly mark areas dangerous to explore.

Eleint 1380DR: Threats and suspicions against Zodika regarding the great red wyrm lead to increases in the island’s security. The ferry’s captain suggests to anyone wishing to visit Ash Isle to avoid the trip. Should one attempt to visit, the ferry from Valkur's Roar now arrives to find numerous Ravenwatch waiting on the docks. Everyone arriving is questioned as to their reasons for being on the island. Those without a reason, and those without escort or personal invitation are turned away. Hunting kobolds is not currently an acceptable reason. Anyone found on the island without an escort is detained and escorted to the next ferry to Valkur's Roar. The overall attitude of the guards is very suspicious, and they quickly become hostile if their instructions are not followed. Rheyenthiel commonly patrols the skies around the island, specifically between the island and Cormyr. People are always seen high up in the castle towers with eyes to the surrounding waters and far more guards than usual are found across the walls and island, not all of them wearing the colors of the Ravenwatch, but all well-organized, -unknown to outsiders, the local assassins’ guild and a cult to Velsharoon have sent support to the island-.

After a month or so, the ferry reopens to all passengers. While the guards still demand identities to be given/shown, and question those coming to the island, anyone wishing to come for the kobolds and their treasure are again let by. Visitors without escort or invitation are, as always, turned away at the Gargoyle's main gates, but, more or less, the island seems to resume to normal activities

Uktar 1380DR: In exchange for the assistance, Ixamarunmaughzeraph, agrees to convince the Ash Eater kobold tribe to follow the direction of the Gargoyle. The Gargoyle stops supporting bounties on the kobold tribe but doesn’t keep people from adventuring through the town and killing them as they do. The kobolds stop all assaults on the Ravenwatch and grudgingly listen to direction given. Zodika convinces Ixamarunmaughzeraph to attack Hilp as punishment for the Crown of Cormyr refusing to condemn those that helped harbor the silver dragon while letting their own people pay the price. Cormyr should suffer for their willingness to protect one at the cost of their own people who continue to die from the dragon’s attacks. Hilp is reduced to burned ruins, however, a mighty adventuring force along with a gold dragon and a mighty druid as a silver dragon defeat the great red wyrm and Ixamarunmaughzeraph is forced to retreat. Zodika uses the incident to preach that life is not a romantic tale where everything ends happily. Sacrifices and suffering must be endured at times for greater causes. She considers the Ruins of Hilp a sacred place of Loviatar for the suffering caused and lesson it teaches.

Hammer 1381DR: The Gargoyle turns its attention to reclaiming and rebuilding the village across Ash Isle.

General Information: The general feel of a visit to the island would be that the guards are overly cautious and untrusting, commonly turning people back and refusing entry when one cannot specify good reason for their visit. Those that disagree or argue would receive a single warning that they will be arrested if they do not leave. An attempt to arrest them would occur next. Should they then flee back to the ferry or whatever ship they arrived on they would be left to depart but would have a posted notice that they are to be arrested upon returning, unless cleared beforehand by the Ravenwatch.

Hypothetically, a Triadic Holy Knight that arrived with reasonable business would be allowed onto the island but would be escorted only directly to the Gargoyle's main gate where only the Head of State or someone with the authority of an Advisory Council member would greet them.

Should they plant a flag outside the gate, they would be pointed at and laughed at, then all services, including water transportation, would be cut off, effectively stranding them. The guards would carefully watch for any reason to arrest them while their stay continued and the kobolds would likely pester them anytime opportunity arose. The guards would not interfere with this. If they somehow found a way to escape, they would be left free to leave, but would likely be denied access to the island forevermore.

Nightal 1381DR: Zodika starts spending far more time at the Gargoyle, involved in private affairs. This is known by Rheyenthiel’s near-constant patrols.

Hammer 1382DR: After a massive wave hits Valkur’s Roar, a temporary shrine to Umberlee, Queen of the Depths, is set up near the docks. A masquerade mask hangs from a corner of the shrine. Those unwilling to tithe to Umberlee for safe passage are barred from using the ferry to return to the mainland.

Alturiak 1381DR: Having been erected for a month, the shrine to Umberlee is carefully taken apart and removed from the docks. Passengers are no longer expected to tithe for transport off the island. However, no sooner is the shrine to Umberlee removed than the docks are put on alert and a shrine to Talona (again with a masquerade mask hanging from it) is put in its place due to a plague breaking out within a small forest near Valkur’s Roar. This time, a small unit, including Copperwing, Lieutenant Buldorgon, a human male Cleric of Helm, (details regarding the Ravenwatch will come later) rides on the ferry and questions those attempting to gain passage to The Isle of Ashen Winds. Anyone attempting to travel to the island are questioned as to their recent whereabouts. Anyone that's been in contact with someone sick from the Mistwood, or has been there themselves in the past ten-day are turned back into Valkur's Roar. Those who claim they have not, are issued a warning before their fair is collected and they are let onto the boat.

“If you are found to have lied about contact with those sick from the Mistwood, or having been there yourself, you will be charged with 'Willful disobedience of any edict uttered towards one by a state official ranked as a Goldwing, State Advisor, or the Head of State', a crime against the Sovereignty. Should your lie cause the spread of this plague on the Isle of Ashen Winds, the charge of 'treason' will be sought. Upon arrival on the Gargoyle's docks, you will be expected to tithe to the Mistress of Disease. If you accept these terms, you are free to travel.”

Should someone arrive at the ferry who is sick or someone who is sick is brought by another to the ferry with the intention of seeking treatment within the Gargoyle, Lieutenant Buldorgon would find out the details of their infliction and move them to a special, semi-quarantined room, where they could travel away from others. The Gargoyle would not turn away the sick who are intentionally coming for help. The intention for this is Zodika’s ever assuredness that Talona -the Plague Whore, as she calls her- is weak and will one day serve Loviatar. Many years ago she battled another plague to great cost and she wishes to learn a cure for this plague and needs sick people to do it.

Zodika takes Rheyenthiel deep into the woods to visit the local bandits. She returns with a sick man and learns how to cure him, though, before she can learn more, local adventurers solve the problem.

Ches 1381DR: The Crown of Cormyr, through the Baron of Valkur’s Roar, approach the Gargoyle in an attempt to negotiate terms for returning the Isle of Ashen Winds to within Cormyr’s borders. The Baron offers Zodika fiefdom of the island in exchange for a peaceful annexation. Zodika counters with a desire for the city to accept her church’s writ for a Loviatan temple that she previously was unable to get a city to accept. She also required that she was able to bring the new fief owner to court should she not find their requests reasonable and that the Gargoyle would be able to keep the Ravenwatch army. The Baron agreed with the understanding that the Gargoyle and Ravenwatch would be expected to respond to requested aid. Both parties agreed to the terms and by Flamerule the Purple Dragons had an outpost set up and were in control of the ferry. The Sovereignty of the Gargoyle would become the Gargoyle Citadel.

Eleasis 1381DR: With the finished construction of the Gallery of Scarred Wisdom temple in Valkur’s Roar, Zodika steps down as the High Priestess of Loviatar within Cormyr, leaving the position to Branded Raiiel Darkscar. She retains her god-given title of Truescar but prefers spreading the alias “Lady of Scars”. She now keeps to the Gargoyle most of the time as she pursues private plots, acting mostly as an advisor to the church when requested.

General Information: Zodika commonly hosts guests in the extremely well maintained and fancy castle. Less private conversations occur in the Great Hall near the massive twin fire hearths. Privacy takes them to her office. Ravenwatch patrol in all areas of the exterior grounds (though no longer across the island as that is now the duty of the Purple Dragons) and indoor hallways with exception to private bedrooms. Zodika’s bedchambers connect to the roof where she commonly leaves and returns on Rheyenthiel. Only those that live within the castle have means to open the warded exterior doors, though runes have been given to trusted allies to allow them entry through the main gates of the outer wall. These allies include the leader of the local assassin’s guild as well as the leader of the Order of One Thousand Nightmares, a cabal of the Vaunted Velsharoon. Years of social inclusion has led to Zodika having a network of people and information resources far and wide, including owning a handful of prostitutes in Valkur's Roar who pass her information. Zodika also has a drow assassin servant under a geas named Razzemal. When she’s at the Gargoyle he stands in the small hallways between her office door and the main hallway door. Anyone entering would have to walk past him. On this note: Zodika’s family line is originally from Dambrath, before they moved to Amn. Zodika is 7% or 1/14th drow which is enough to make her Crinti (requires 1/32), despite her looking much more human. She speaks Undercommon and Low Drow fluently. She doesn’t know High Drow or Drow Sign Language. She spent years trying to build an alliance between Lloth and Loviatar in Cormyr, similar to Dambrath, to no avail.

The Gargoyle's population: Around 400
Around 55 council members. Some of these people may not spend much time living at the Gargoyle, e.g. an Ambassador to Westgate may travel constantly.
7 Ravenwatch officers (Full Ravens), between 200 and 250 enlisted (The Winged), about 10 Blackwings (adventurers that swear fealty to the Gargoyle but are outside the Ravenwatch) or Stonewings (Champions/Knights of the Gargoyle who tend to lead unique quests and adventures.)
Around 100 civilians, staff and others.

While independent, the Gargoyle was in good standing with both Cormyr and Westgate -though for Cormyr the relationship was with the War Wizards more than the Crown itself-. In exchange for overlooking the island, and its moving of questionable cargo for questionable people, the Gargoyle passed on information to the War Wizards and Westgate that affected their safety or was specifically inquired about. As a place run by a powerful known Loviatan the island developed a notoriety that attracted the sort of people and goods that the desired information might entail. Despite that, that island was very orderly and lawful as few would care to end up in the dungeon of a Loviatan.

The Gargoyle hunted pirates when they were neither of the three's benefit and did so with an exceptionally high success rate due to Rheyenthiel and rings of gargoyle summoning.

The Gargoyle supports two ships of its own, the ‘Crimson Erinyes’, a war caravel, manned by a total compliment of 50; and the ‘Hoard of the Grist’, a merchant caravel manned by a total compliment of 40. They do not sit at the piers, instead in a small cliff harbor near the castle where magic and pulleys move people and cargo back and forth.

Within the basement of the Magister’s Tower, a portal device is currently set up to take those with the proper rune to the Gallery of Scarred Wisdom temple in Valkur’s Roar and an inn deep within the Underdark below the Tunlands. The temple provides a means to teleport back, however, the inn does not.

The view from the either of the two towers that reach up out of the roof of the castle -one on the main building and one above the barracks- provide enough loft to see about 15 miles, enough to see all the way to the Valkur’s Roar coast to the west.

The Gargoyle receives food and living supplies from Cormyr. In time, it is hoped the village will allow the island to be nearly self-sustaining.

My Faerûn Continent Map


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This is the structure of the councils that operate the Gargoyle. These were named around a sovereign state but would be easily retitled if necessary after the annexation back to Cormyr. As this was built around a game, Raise Dead and Resurrection are far more common than normal. Those pieces may read differently depending on the setting used.

GOVERNMENT (State Officials):

Head of State - Governor/Governess
(Highest ranking official of the Gargoyle. Authority over all matters and people in the governed lands. Afforded all privileges of the lower stately ranks. Will be resurrected upon death under all circumstances.)
The Head of State oversees all affairs of the State. As an advanced user of the Power, she oversees the divine, and health-related affairs when a council member is not assigned to such.

Advisors Council - Stonelord/Stonelady
(Afforded all privileges of the lower stately ranks. May direct those of lower stately ranks, including underprivileged members of the Ravenwatch. Granted audience with the Head of State upon any reasonable request. May demand access to any building or room not secured by the Head of State. Will be resurrected upon death under nearly all circumstances. May veto an edict of the Head of State with a unanimous vote.)

Directors Council - Stonemaster/Stonemaiden
(Afforded all privileges of the lower stately ranks. May direct those of lower stately ranks, including underprivileged members of the Ravenwatch. Granted audience with a State Advisor upon any reasonable request. May demand access to any building outside the walls, and audience of any underprivileged citizen. Will be resurrected upon death under most circumstances – requires the body.)

Primary Council - Stoneprime
(May direct those of lower stately ranks, including underprivileged members of the Ravenwatch and citizens of the Gargoyle. Granted audience with a State Director upon any reasonable request. Granted housing within the walls of the Gargoyle. Granted citizenship. Granted access to the main gate of the castle. Will be raised upon death under appropriate circumstances – requires the body.)

Council of Outlanders
Stonemate – Allied Faction, Guild, or House (terms are made on an individual basis)
Full-members of such organizations are granted the rights of a citizen. Known noble or royal titles are required to be acknowledged in legal proceedings, such as crimes against; but are not required to be acknowledged socially or by passing citizens.


The Ravenwatch
(All Winged and Full Ravens are expected to live within the lands of the Gargoyle and are thus already citizens.)

ENLISTED (The Winged)
-- 5 promotion feathers per wing rank
-- No limit to wing numbers
*title & rank*

1st Wing
2nd Wing
3rd Wing

OFFICERS (Full Ravens)
-- requires a vacancy for promotion
*title (rank)*

Lieutenant (Copperwing) -- (Granted privileges of a State Primary)
Commander (Silverwing) -- (Granted privileges of a State Director)
Marshal (Goldwing) -- (Granted privileges of a State Advisor)

~ Captain -- A title used for the shipboard position of Captain. This does not officially replace an official title or rank but is used instead aboard their ship. Captains have absolute authority over the operation of their ship.

Blackwing (Adventurers that swear fealty to the Gargoyle but are officially outside the Ravenwatch. Protected as citizens.)
Stonewing (Champions of the Gargoyle/Knights. Granted privileges of a State Primary.)


While the Gargoyle was sovereign, these laws were enforced across the island by the Ravenwatch. With Ash Isle returning to Cormyr, these would be adjusted to fit within the walls. While the Gargoyle would technically require Cormyrian laws to be enforced by the Purple Dragons, it would nearly always, when possible, handle things internally.


All punishments for crimes committed will be judged on an individual basis taking into account all circumstances. As so, punishments for similar crimes my vary. Upon remaining on this island, you accept these terms and conditions as well as the following laws of the Sovereign Gargoyle.


Treason (this includes assault upon, and/or impersonation of, and/or spying upon any state official)

Forgery of an official document

[Attempted] Bribery of a watchman or state official

Theft, vandalism, or arson against the Gargoyle (including all structures within its walls) or other official buildings and structures of the state

Willful disobedience of any edict uttered towards one by a state official ranked as a Goldwing, State Advisor, or the Head of State

Impersonation of a watchman or state official

Unlawful observation of any official document

Blasphemy against a state official



Acts of murder (all acts, regardless of citizenship or situation)
-- Circumstances will be heard at trial.

Poisoning of water and/or food


Summoning, calling, binding or controlling Fiends or Celestials
-- All summoning, calling, binding or controlling of fiends or celestials must be sanctioned, in writing, or under the direct supervision of the Archmagician or Head of State.

Willful interference of authorized duties of any state official


Disturbing the peace (this includes upsetting citizens with controlled creatures and beasts)

Falsely acting on the authority of another realm or faction

Hindrance of legal business

Littering (Including the relief of human wastes)

Operating a business without a license



Defiling of a holy place


Disorderly worship
-- Influenced under alcohol and/or being discourteous



-- Forced physical acts by one or more persons upon another
-- (OOC: Acts of rape are forbidden, consensual RP or not, the player will be banned.)

Kidnapping a citizen of the lands governed by the Gargoyle, or an invited guest of a state official and/or sanctioned event.

Torture of a citizen of the lands governed by the Gargoyle, or an invited guest of a state official and/or sanctioned event.
-- Being acted upon by another with the intent to cause emotional or physical damage for any reason while under captivity
-- (OOC: Acts of torture between non-consensual parties are forbidden. If you have a question regarding this please contact a DM. Thank you.)

Slavery and intent of slavery
-- Forcing a citizen of the lands governed by the Gargoyle, against their will, to serve a master, without sanction from the Head of State. All foreign bodies who carry slaves are required to notify the state if their stay is longer than two days.

Assault upon a citizen of the lands governed by the Gargoyle, or an invited guest of a state official and/or sanctioned event. (Including magical)

Robbery or Burglary of a citizen of the lands governed by the Gargoyle, or an invited guest of a state official and/or sanctioned event.

My Faerûn Continent Map
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Here is an example list of council members. I say example because there would be more positions, I'm just not going to flesh them all out.


Head of State

Zodika Alho'ohani – Governess ‘Ohani (Female Crinti, Cleric - Cormyrian High Priestess of Loviatar)
Governess of the Gargoyle
- Focus: Oversees all affairs of the State. As an advanced user of the Power, she oversees the divine, and health-related affairs when a council member is not assigned to such.

Advisors Council

Cardin Delthor (Male Human, Sorcerer)
Stonelord of Strategy and Information
- Focus: Political strategy and information usage

Miir Torask (Female Human, Fighter/Cleric of Malar)
Stonelady of Resources and Development
- Focus: Economic stability and growth

Alae (Female Half-Elf, Wizard)
Stonelady of Magic and Research
Archmagician of the Gargoyle

- Focus: Oversees all important affairs of the Art. Maintains the Magisters’ Tower, portals, and library. Apprentices or advises other users of the Art that reside in the Magisters’ Tower.

Directors Council

Estasha Threecoin (Female Human, Cleric of Mask/Rogue)
Stonemaiden of Trade
- Focus: Oversees economic trade with outside factions.
- Reports to Stoneperson of Resources and Development

Tirla Blackcrown (Female Human, Wizard/Rogue)
Stonemaiden of Communication
- Focus: Oversees ambassadors to outside realms and proper flow of information through council members.
- Reports to Stoneperson of Strategy and Information

Brever Trokinu (Male Human, Druid)
Stonemaster of General Production
- Focus: Oversees the local production of general goods, including tools; food; and the collection of drinking water.
- Reports to: Stoneperson of Resources and Development

Trikk Mazin (Male Human, Monk of the White Rod)
Stonemaster of Social Order
- Focus: Oversees judgements of the court and state decrees. This includes carrying out punishments and executions.
- Reports to: Governess 'Ohani

Kinsa Dortil (Female Human, Cleric or Deneir)
Stonemaiden of Knowledge
- Focus: Oversees the locating, collection, and storage of knowledge
- Reports to: Stonelady of Magic and Research

Primary Council

Oshi Allwyn (Female Human, 'Cleric' of Asmodeus)
Stoneprime: Ambassador of the Lower Planes
- Focus: Political affairs with Lower Planes
- Reports to: Stonemaiden of Communication

Kyio Yario (Female Half-Elf, Rogue/Assassin)
Stoneprime: Ambassador to Valkur’s Roar
- Focus: Political affairs with Valkur's Roar
- Reports to: Stonemaiden of Communication and Stonemaiden of Trade

Decimus Blackwater (Male Human, Sorcerer/Cleric) (Secret Member: His membership is mostly unknown to the other council members.)
Stoneprime: Ambassador to the Dragon Coast
- Focus: Political affairs with Westgate and other Dragon Coast locations.
- Reports to: Governess 'Ohani

Elidir Tir (Male Half-Elf, Fighter/Wizard)
Stoneprime: Grand Artisan
- Focus: Oversees the production of magical goods.
- Reports to: Stonelady of Magic and Research

Jhig Borh (Male Human, Bard/Rogue)
Stoneprime: Stonemaster Herald
- Focus: Oversees state events, and coordinates arrangements with any other councilor who may have a part in hosting. Reports information to Heralds of Faerûn.
- Reports to: Stonemaiden of Communication

Abbort Jorits (Male Human, Fighter/Rogue)
Stoneprime: Grand Mason
- Focus: Construction and Repairs
- Reports to: *probably some unnamed Director position*

Icilia (Female Human, Bard/Rogue)
Stoneprime: Quartermaster
- Focus: Supplying the council and Ravenwatch with gear
- Reports to: Stonemaiden of Trade

Zixir (Male Human, Cleric of Loviatar)
Stoneprime: Jailer
- Focus: Directly manages the jail and prisoners.
- Reports to: Stonemaster of Social Order

Zynt'r (Male Human, Bard/Rogue)
Stoneprime: Court Administrator
- Focus: Directly manages the court, collects fines, and delivers state injunctions.
- Reports to: Stonemaster of Social Order

Faerr Gloomhymn (Female Half-Elf, Bard)
Stoneprime: Scribe
- Focus: Writes letters, and copies texts
- Reports to: Stonemaiden of Knowledge

Koryt Wilts (Human Male, Sorcerer/Rogue/Red Dragon Disciple)
Stoneprime: Ambassador to Ash Eater Kobold Tribe
- Focus: Communicates between the Gargoyle and the tribe.
- Reports to: Stonemaiden of Communication

Council of Outlanders

Order of One Thousand Nightmares (Cabal of Velsharoon)
Official Stonemate of the Gargoyle

The Syndicate (Assassin's Guild in Valkur's Roar)
Official Stonemate of the Gargoyle

My Faerûn Continent Map

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There would be hundreds of enlisted Ravenwatch, but I'm not listing a bunch. Make them up if you want.


ENLISTED (The Winged)

8th Wing - Fona Paam (Male Human, Fighter)
- Focus: Escort and Bodyguard of Archmagician
- Reports to: Archmagician


OFFICERS (Full Ravens)

Lieutenant Uland Kavam (Male Human, Sorcerer/Cleric of Umberlee)
- Focus: Oversees Ravenwatch sea forces on the Dragonmere and beyond.
- Reports to: Commander Abigail Ghortha


Lieutenant Aneirin Preece (Male Half-Elf, Sorcerer/Arcane Archer)
- Focus: Oversees Ravenwatch land forces in Cormyr and beyond.
- Reports to: Commander Abigail Ghortha


Lieutenant Yvonne Stormcrest (Female Human, Cleric of Loviatar/Fighter)
- Focus: Oversees security of the Citadel's interiors.
- Reports to: Commander Alexandria Firestar


Lieutenant Olgert Buldorgon (Male Human, Cleric of Helm/Fighter)
- Focus: Oversees security of the Citadel's exteriors and outside the walls.
- Reports to: Commander Alexandria Firestar

(NOTES: Violent)

Commander Abigail Ghortha (Female Human, Fighter/Cleric of Red Knight)
- Focus: Administration of Offense (Coordination of Ravenwatch forces off Ash Isle)
- Reports to: Marshal Kotna Ravenheart


Commander Alexandria Firestar (Female Human, Sorcerer/Rogue)
- Focus: Administration of Defense (Security of the Gargoyle & Defense of the Isle of Asen Winds)
- Reports to: Marshal Kotna Ravenheart


Marshal Kotna Ravenheart (Female Human, Rogue/Fighter/Champion of Helm)
- Focus: Administration of the Ravenwatch
- Reports to: Governess 'Ohani

(NOTES: Very lawful and demanding of proper duty.)


Ship Captains






Ragir Darkstone
- Focus: Duties as required by the Gargoyle
- Reports to: Marshal Kotna Ravenheart

My Faerûn Continent Map

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Seeker Divinity,

Since 2008 I've played a Loviatan priestess on a nwn persistent rp world server. The experience has been wonderful and I've actually learned a lot about myself in the process of being someone else, on and off, for 10 years.

I'd really like to read more about what you've learned about yourself in terms of playing someone on and off for (10) years. You mind going more into that? I think that component of RP is actually really, really interesting.

Best regards,

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring
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